Monday, June 24, 2013

Entering American Impressionist Society 14th Annual Juried Exhibition . . . and Accepted!

Beach Houses  10"x12" oil on canvas
It's that time of year again when the American Impressionist Society Exhibition deadline is here! I had paintings in mind to paint specifically for this competition, that would be the "great paintings I need to paint for AIS" that I kept telling myself to do. But in the end, I chose two recent paintings that I thought were my best. That's probably the most realistic way to choose a painting for a competition for me: paint what I love and in the end sort through them.

The first one, a beach scene from Galveston Island, Texas, was practically still wet when I photographed it. Our family went to Galveston for the first week in June and I painted it plein air. It was hot and it took me two morning sessions, but I ended up with a painting I am pleased with.

*Edited: The above painting, "Beach Houses" was accepted into the exhibition!!! So happy!

Secluded Barns  16"x20"  oil on canvas
This second painting was painted from a photograph. My husband was driving 70 mph, he might have slowed down to 55 or so, but I don't always see the good scenes coming up to give him warning, and I shot this out the car window. To give my husband credit, if there is something I really want to photograph, he'll even turn around and go back and I'll get out of the car and take as many photos as I want. The rest of the family waits patiently in the car (as far as I can tell, usually the windows are rolled up and I can't hear anything). Anyway, I imagine they are waiting patiently in the car.

In retrospect the slight blurriness that accompanied the photo I used probably helped me paint this one a little looser than I normally paint, or one might say "impressionistically", if that's even a word.

So, fingers crossed til July 1st when AIS will announce which paintings will be accepted into the show.


Linda Popple said...

Both are beautiful paintings. Good luck!!

Wallartidea said...

Such beautiful paintings.